Italy: 6 new arrests and thirty searches for attacks Informal Anarchist Federation

represionAt dawn on September 6, an operation cordinata from Digos Torino led to the search of thirty homes in Piemonte, Liguria, Lazio, Umbria, Lombardia, Abruzzo, Campania, Sardinia and Emilia Romagna, as well as the arrest of five comrades anarchists on charges of subversive association with terrorist aims: Anna, Marco, Sandrone, Daniele, Danilol and Valentina, in addition to the notification in prison for Nicola and Alfredo.

The operation, called “Scripta Manent”, seeks to attribute to a single directing a series of actions in common the claim by the Informal Anarchist Federation, which reproduces the repressive strategies of some earlier as Op. Cervantes and Op. Boldness, and trying to superimpose a membership structure and top-down to expressions of anarchic conflict.

Specifically, the attacks included in this investigation include the explosive packages sent in May 2005 to the Director of the CPT of Modena, the traffic wardens’ barracks in Turin – San salvario and the superintendent of Lecce [claimed by FAI / Narodnaya Volya], the explosive device against the barracks of the RIS  (italian scientific department) of Parma [24 October 2005 – claimed by FAI / Artisan Cooperative Fire and Similar (occasionally spectacular)], the parcel bomb sent to Sergio Cofferati [2 November 2005 claimed by FAI / Artisan Cooperative Fire and Similar (occasionally spectacular)], the arsonist device against the barracks of the carabinieri’s cadets in Fossano [2 June 2006 claimed by FAI / RAT (Rivolta Anonymous and Tremenda)], the letter bombs sent in Turin in July 2006 to Coema Edilità (company involved in the restructuring of CIE) , the Mayor Sergio Chiamparino and the director of Turin Chronicle [claimed by FAI / RAT (Rivolta Anonymous and Tremenda)], the bombs placed in the Crocetta Turin neighborhood [March 7, 2007 claimed by FAI / RAT]; in addition to other actions also injured Adinolfi [7 May 2012], for which two comrades have already been convicted and have publicly claimed the attack, returns to substantiate the crime of association.

To structure the clues, it seems that the investigators are also equipped with linguistic experts and graphology, in addition to computer surveillance, the eavesdropping and tailing.

Probably the comrades will be transferred in AS2 in Ferrara and her companions in Rebibbia, but we await confirmation before spreading addresses.

Further updates coming soon

At the end of the day there will be two arrest warrants notifications in prison and six arrests, including five concerning the operation and one resulting in the outcome of the searches


During the house search of a mate and the land adjacent to it, two police officers are surprised by Comrade himself, thanks to his vigilant and distrustful attitude, fiddling with a gun, not to order and placed inside a transparent envelope. Perceiving that they were noticed both collect from the ground the gun in question and have placed in your pocket. To you the interpretation of this disturbing episode.
To all hit by this latest repressive operation goes our solidarity and closeness. In a world that we would like to complain we are helpless on the side of those who still has enemies, choosing them between those responsible for their misery and is organized to make them pay

Some anarchists in Bologna

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