Updating second hearing in the trial against Gianluca and Adriano

https://contrainformateblog.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/manta2.jpgNota Contrainformate: Durante la tarde o mañana en la mañana, con la ayuda de compalerxs solidarixs, esperamos tener la traducción del texto al español.

On July 4, at the Court of Rome held its second hearing in the trial against Gianluca and Adriano. Despite being behind closed doors, some supportive and some have entered the classroom by taking advantage of the momentary vacuum control, due to all the ceremonious formality that characterize the initial phase of hearings. They yelled forcefully their anger against a process that takes place in the absence of the accused. After a few minutes, however, were shoved out of the courtroom by the police present while the judge seemed to ignore what was happening.

Recall that Judge D’Alessandro, granting the request of the PM, ruled that the proceedings are conducted for defendants in video conferencing; Gianluca is that Hadrian decided not to participate in the charade vexatious and refused to look through a screen.

During his indictment on P.M. Minisci, a character notorious comrades and companions as well as public prosecutor of the procedure for the events of October 15, in an attempt to strengthen the spurious counts of 270 and 270a have also mentioned some events that took place outside Italy, we believe the purpose of fear so an imaginary international subversive association. He concluded his ravings with the request received a sentence of 8 years for Adriano and 9 Gianluca.

The hearing was adjourned to July 18 for the discussion of defense and probably for the judgment.

We reaffirm our solidarity with fellow defendants and the need not to lower our level of attention on the instrument of the video conference that the Code of Criminal Procedure is intended only as an exceptional measure, but that is already regularly applied, for example, by the Probate Court of Rome.

Do not let them walk in silence yet another attempt to isolate even more the comrades from their contexts and emotional struggle!

Rete Evasioni

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