(En Italiano) Hacia el juicio contra Gianluca y Adriano el 26 de mayo en Roma

[FOTOS] Texto leído frente a la embajada Italiana en solidaridad con lxs anarquistas presxs (Mexico)Gianluca and Adriano, anarchists, were arrested 19 September 2013.

Operation, co-ordinated by the deputy prosecutor Giancarlo Capaldo of anti-terrorism and the general commander of Mario Parente Ros, considered it the authors of a number of various kinds of damage occurred in the province of Rome: it is thirteen sabotage committed against some banks, a fur, with branch offices of Eni and Enel and landfill Roncigliano.

Are made to impose upon them the charges of association for purposes of terrorism or subversion of the democratic order, as well as those of fire, theft, aggravated in the competition, disfigurement and contamination of other people’s things. From the day of their arrest, Gianluca and Adriano, there was only the prison in solitary confinement: the first at Alexandria and the second in Ferrara, in those special sections where inmates are men and women whose first fault attributed to them is the thought that they carry.

The preliminary hearing, which was held last March 26 Gianluca and Adriano have been indicted; in the same location on GUP D’Alessandro has assumed the responsibility to provide that the defendants should participate in hearings by videoconference: the decision was motivated by a circular of the Department of Penitentiary Administration which provides for the use of this tool as a measure of restraint of detainees “most dangerous”, adopted following evasion of Domenico Cutri – Mafia’s Boss, which occurred during a transfer judiciary. In reality, the implementation of processes for video conferencing improves the condition of isolation, demonizing and dehumanizing even more prisoners to whom you are beginning to apply.

On May 26, at the Assise Court of Rome will be held the first hearing on summary judgment and the prosecutor will present the request for condemnation.

We express our solidarity with the strength and closeness to Gianluca and Hadrian, aware that the story that concerns them is part of all / the people who put themselves in the game, to express and practice their ideas of freedom and equality, without distinction, respect for diversity of all life.

Also that day Gianluca and Adriano will not be alone.

May 26, the Court of Assizes in Rome , alongside Gianluca and Adriano.

Comrades of Rome

Quando un uomo, nell’attuale società, diventa un ribelle cosciente delle proprie azioni, è perchè ha fatto nel suo cervello un lavoro di analisi doloroso le cui conclusioni sono imperative e non possono essere eluse se non per vigliaccheria. Lui solo tiene la bilancia, lui solo è giudice della ragione o del torto di odiare e di essere selvaggio, “perfino feroce”». E. Henry

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